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Lifelong Learing Programme

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See Green

The main aim of the project is to improve senior citizens' knowledge of energy efficiency practices and schemes. The training materials developed will promote techniques and changes that can be adopted to make senior citizen dwellings more energy efficient. Care homes, private homes, residential villages and social clubs will all be included in the learning programme.

The managers of senior citizen residences will use the materials to create awareness and involve residents in energy saving activities, making them an integral part of the energy efficiency efforts of their environments and residences.

See Green will use new methodologies and build up flexible, plain language adult education material on European standards and energy efficiency in buildings. The target group are European senior citizens, but the design of the materials and contents will cater for the different socio-economic, geographical or cultural situations of this age group. In this sense the project moves away from the current mainstream of considering senior citizens a homogeneous group.

The main result will be a complete training system located on an e-Learning platform including procedures, modules, and educational materials, also integrated by a simulation software tool. All will be developed on the base of the specific learning needs and capacities of senior citizens.

The planned impact of the project is to develop environmentally conscious senior citizens, who are able to make informed decisions in their residences with respect to energy saving. A further potential benefit of the project could be the transfer of increased knowledge and awareness of energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energies to other groups, sectors and regions not directly involved in the project.

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The SEE GREEN Project aims to design flexible learning modules for senior citizens and managers who wish to save energy in their home environment or residences.

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